Pit Oven

Pit oven: The pit oven requires a suitable space, large garden or field free of pipes and cables in order to dig a large pit lined with fire bricks to be constructed. The whole process, from digging to removing the cooked items can take in excess of 12 hours, so the preparation is best done the day before. Depending on size, the pit oven can hold anything from a whole sheep or small pig to poultry, fish and vegetables. Call to discuss your needs and quote on price. Baz-tip: fatty cuts of meat work well in a pit-oven (a shoulder of lamb, for instance) - the fat melts into the meat during the long cooking process and makes the meat so tasty...





Paella: equipment can be set up anywhere (with a reasonably level surface). I have cooked successful paellas on the beach, in the park, in gardens, for festivals; can feed up to 30 in one sitting; vegan, fish or meat paella options; Baz-tip: I often cook a 'chorizo braised in red wine 'dish as an accompaniment to a vegan paella - this way, all tastes can be catered for at a large celebration - as a vegan friend once said - 'you can add, but you can't take out'!

Testimonial: Baz cooked us an impressive paella on the Friday evening of a local camping weekend... the next morning, he came and used his paella pan to cook a fry-up - bacon and sausages from the local farm shop, tomatoes and eggs - all in the same pan - the eggs were perfect - it was like magic... and delicious! (JG: Brighton)



Picnic and BBQ

Picnics; Tailored to your needs and tastes, including  home cooked cold cuts and hand raised pies and quiches,  whole poached salmon, sandwiches and home baked cakes. Food prepared in advance and delivered to your home on day of picnic. Baz-tip: when picnicking, try drinking your wine/cider/ale/sugary drink from a jam-jar - replacing the lid in between sips prevents any pesky wasps from invading your beverage...


BBQ: A range of unique BBQ fare, ideally using free-range meats from local sources and home-made marinades; home-made burgers; Fish and seafood; imaginative vegetarian options and salads; Baz-tip: I love barbequed skirt steak - this can be a tough cut of meat, but if it's marinated a day or two before cooking, then barbequed quickly, allowed to rest and served thinly sliced, it is tasty and succulent and melt in the mouth - great in sandwiches, or in a salad... or just on its own!



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